Solar powered community league!

Evansdale is the first community league powered 100% by solar energy on a net annual basis. The league has 100 solar modules on the roof in a system rated at 26.3 kilowatts.

Evansdale Community League Solar System

The crew from Evergreen and Gold Renewable Energy installing one of 100 solar modules that comprise the league’s 26.3 kilowatt solar system. Photo David Dodge

The way it works is simple. Evansdale uses the solar electricity as it is produced and if Evansdale demand falls below the electricity production excess energy is sold to the grid and powers neighbouring homes. Solar will produce the most energy on long summer days and Evansdale will buy energy back on short cold winter days. Like all “microgenerators” Evansdale is paid for the electricity it sells to the grid at the same rate it pays the grid for electricity. However there is a hitch: Evansdale saves distribution charges when it consumes its own electricity and pays those charges when it buys back from the grid. So it is much better when we consume our own energy!

Solar is a great community investment since it saves the community league money every month for the life of the system. The system is guaranteed for 25 years and could last much longer. Solar is a clean source of energy that produces no pollution and is not subject to carbon levies.

Drop by and see us anytime!

Curious about how much energy our system is producing? Here are three charts showing daily and monthly electricity production. The first two charts represent phase one of our solar system 13.3 kW and the third chart shows production for phase two, another 13 kW.

Phase I: daily Solar production this month for 13 kW

Phase I: Solar production today

Phase II: Solar PV solar production (see full screen display)