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History of Ringette in Edmonton – an overview

Ringette is an exciting team sport played on ice with skates. Players use a straight stick to pass, carry and shoot a rubber ring, with their objective being to score in the opposing team’s net. The late Sam Jacks invented the sport in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario. The rules of Ringette were established to encourage controlled team play. Body checking is prohibited. The speed of the game has been enhanced with recent modifications to the rules, but teamwork remains essential. Ringette is played by two teams of 7 to 18 players, each with six players on the ice at one time (5 players and 1 goalkeeper).

Ringette offers challenging competition and provides the opportunity for athletes and volunteers to experience unparalleled team spirit and develop lasting friendships.

With the permission of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL) a committee of eleven community league representatives met on June 16, 1976 to form the Edmonton Federation Ringette Association (EFRA), which later became the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues Ringette Association (EFCLRA). By 1978 there were 18 communities interested in starting teams at various age levels. Participants registered within their communities and were placed on community teams.

In addition to the A and B and C levels of play, players are grouped according to age. The age categories have been revised over the years and currently are as follows:

  • U9 – 7 and under
  • U10 – 9 and underU12 – 11 and under
  • U14 – 13 and under
  • U16 – 15 and under
  • U19 – 18 and under
  • Open – 19 and over
  • Masters – 30 and over

Information can be found on the sport here h http://www.ringette-edmonton.com
For More information regarding registration you can email our registrar at registrar@ringette-edmonton.com
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