Last chance soccer registration!

soccerballOur last, late registration

(Belle Rive, Eaux Claires and Evansdale)

  • Monday
  • March 30, 2015
  • 6-9pm at the Evansdale shack (9111 – 150 Ave.)

Become a soccer coach!

Learn new skills, take a course and enjoy the soccer season on the field with the kids! Sign up to coach.It’s way more fun, and rewarding than sitting in the grass on those cool spring nights!

Evansdale AGM is March 7th

Soccer Registration, AGM and Come see our new facility!


Message from Shawna Walsh, Preident of Evansdale CL

soccerballDon’t forget to mark February 26, March 5 & 7 on your calendar for soccer registration – yes it is that time of the year already! The volunteer requirement for the outdoor season is 2/ child registered. Unfortunately, there is only bingo dates to choose from as we do not have an event organizer. So, if you would like to volunteer for this position please contact Shawna to discuss the details ( And, if you have any questions about soccer registration please contact Moe at

After 5 years of hard work, Eaux Claires playground is finally completed. There will be a grand opening ceremony this spring. We are all very excited about seeing many, many, many children enjoying this new playground. Thank you very much to Sheri, Cindy, Trish and Nicole for giving our children a safe place to play.

Our AGM will be Saturday, March 7 at 4pm in our new building (beside the community hall). All members from Eaux Claires, Belle Rive and Evansdale are invited. If you do not have a membership you can purchase one at the AGM. If you are interested in volunteering on the Executive as Treasurer or Event organizer please contact me at (