Poplar Park Playground Open!

By Wendy Peacock, Poplar Park Playground Committee

Kids at Florence Hallock School (16437 – 87 St) are celebrating these days as Poplar Park Playground opened in the same season it was built. Come on down to the park and try the swings, slides, gliders, and… ZIPLINE!

poplar park playground open

Jake, Hayley, Layne and Spencer were among the first kids to test out the newly opened Poplar Park Playground!


Thank you to the dedicated committee members, numerous volunteers and generous donors who made this dream a reality. It is an amazing accomplishment.

This completes phase I (playground) and phase II (basketball courts) and there is already a new committee working on phase III (spray park). The new poplar park committee is made up of many of the keeners from the previous committee, but we have added a few new members. Why not sign up and help out this seriously overachieving group finish our goal of building a spray park.

We want to begin working on the next phase of building and need your input. Do you support the development of a Spray Park in the Poplar Park District Park? Please complete the on-line survey and help shape the spray park!

PoplarParkSurveyqrcodePoplar Park Phase III Survey:


Type the link in or scan the QR code!

Contact us: playground@evansdale.ca

Evansdale AGM – Nov. 24

We have a new winter sports facility, new rink and new solar system – Evansdale is in great shape. We are seriously looking for a few good, community minded folks to help fill a number of key positions in our community league. We need a few people to step forward and fill critical positions. The amazing Shawna Walsh has been a dedicated volunteer for more than a decade and she needs to “take a break.”

For the continuity of our soccer program we need a new soccer director to step up ASAP. If you do you will be mentored through the spring registrations by our very experienced retiring soccer director Moe Taha. If no one steps forward our program could suffer and kids could miss opportunities. This is important, so please consider stepping forward now so we can make a smooth transition. As you can see we are also in need of a president. We have some very experienced directors staying on who can mentor you in these positions. Do something awesome for your community – you will be glad you did.

Evansdale solar

Evansdale solar

We are looking for:

  • President
  • Soccer Director (IMPORTANT)
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Programs
  • Other opportunities too!
  • Help set the agenda for our community, join us and let’s make our community one of the best in Edmonton!

Evansdale AGM

November 24 at 7 pm at Evansdale Hall

9111 150 Ave.

 Contact: David Dodge (sustainability@evansdale.ca) or Jeff Muiselaar (pastpresident@evansdale.ca)

Evansdale Solar Energy Production

Curious about how much energy our solar system is producing? Here are two charts showing daily and monthly electricity production.

Evansdale Community League daily Solar PV system performance this month

Evansdale Community League hourly Solar PV system performance today